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Connect to our integrations platform
and get a qualified payments manager today!

Our team has years of experience serving organizations of various sizes, with their online payments and risk mitigation projects. We are aware that today’s businesses are too busy with their own products or services, to pay heed to payments industry regulations. That’s why we made this platform to ease the burden off their shoulders.


Businesses are into activities such as expansion to new markets, human resource management, marketing and raising capital to name a few. This puts them under tremendous pressure to handle e-commerce operations themselves. For this reason, we’ll help you with detecting fraud, meeting compliance standards, eliminating operational risks, swiftly integrating with payment providers and leading all sorts of online projects for you.  

Our experts have years of experience and have done it for hundreds of clients before. Transparency is our cornerstone. With open-heart and nothing to hide, we discuss the details of your project with you and give effective recommendations accordingly.

We know how difficult it has been for you to find a credible online payment platform. Let us help you professionally and stress-free. The platform comes jam-packed with great tools and the amazing team who knows how to effectively get the job done

So what are you waiting for?

Say hello to our team and goodbye to your online payment worries forever! 

Payments Manager
as a Service

Your Payments Manager will lead and implement e-projects for your business while handling interpersonal relationships with Payment Service Providers.

You will get top-notch expertise as our Payments Managers are in-line with current market trends, payment regulations, and service standards.

Risk Manager
as a Service

Your Risk Manager will oversee all aspects of electronic payment risks and compliance standards.


We’ll help you mitigate operational risks and avoid any penalties associated with regulation requirements. 


Our Risk Managers are adept at tracking frauds and dealing with them swiftly

Payment Integration 
as a Service

With Paymentsop Integrations service, you ‘ll get hassle-free setup with any payment provider


This lightens your burden, helping you focus on your brand or business while our engineers handles your online operations


Whether you need to connect to a new Wallet Solution, PSP, Mass Payout Provider or any other 3rd party provider, we’ll help you fittingly. 

Onboarding Process

Initial meeting

The agenda of the meeting is to understand your company’s vision.

First, Our team will inroduce WORX and what it can do for you.


Then, our team will pose queries on Your Business, Your Products, Your Target Markets, Any Current Payment Setup you may have and the problems you face with it.

Brainstorming session

Once we understand your company’s vision and your current challenges, we will set a brainstorming session on how we improve your company online e-payments operations.

Plan of action

Our team will get back to you with a detailed plan of action including

  • Technical integration with the platform

  • E-Payments Roadmap

  • Payment and Risk Opreations Workframe

Payments Manager

A payments manager will be assigned to you who will initiate:

  • PSP analysis and commercial discussion

  • Deep data analysis

  • Relationship with key stakeholders in your company

Ongoing Operations

Our team will

  • monitor all your online payment and risk activities

  • take swift action upon deviances, inefficiencies or fraud

  • give weekly operations reports

  • conduct monthly performance meetings

  • helping you with your payments roadmap in the longhaul

Onboarding Process
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